The Global Magazine for Muslim Women


Vision Statement
The preeminent resource for Muslim women (and men, too), seeking to capture the colorful, pleasant energy of this diverse community.

Mission Statement

To foster an environment of dialogue and connectedness for the entire Muslim Women community at a global scale.

What makes MBM special/different from other magazines for women?

MBM is a global contemporary magazine for Muslim women that keeps the guidelines of Islam embedded in every single page, between every single letter. The teachings of the Qur’an and Al-Hadith are very important to the magazine. By the pure help of God, MBM will never imitate a manipulated ideology of women. MBM is unique in presenting authentic views, visions, and thoughts.

When was MBMuslima created?

Modest Beautiful Magazine was created in July 2009, thanks and praises to the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. The first issue was published on August 1st, 2009.

Where is MBMuslima headquarted?

MBMuslima is headquarted in Edison, NJ

What topics can I find in MBM?
Modest Beautiful Magazine is for every Muslim women. With topics ranging from Islam Health, Nutrition, Family, Parenting, Work, Muslim Women in Leadership, and many other topics, MBM is a portal for Muslim women to read and engage with these topics, catered especially to them.

Is MBM only for Muslim women?

Although it is specifically catered towards the Muslim women, it is also a great read for the non-Muslim women, the Muslim man, and the non-Muslim man. There are WAY too many misconceptions associated with the Muslim woman, which is one of the reasons why the founder of MBMuslima started the magazine.

MBM Magazine is undoubtedly for every non-Muslim seeking to discover what Muslim women are really about. We are not oppressed. We are not terrorists. We are women that enjoy life. We are women that live our life morally and ethically, always keeping our Creator (SWT) in our mind. We are children. We are mothers. We are students. We are employees. We are volunteers. We are of all different colors, accents, backgrounds, and nationalities. We are independent. We are outspoken. We are caring. We are modest and beautiful women – because you can’t have one without the other.

The Muslim women community is arguably the most diverse community amongst women. We have such a diverse representation whether it is what country we are from, what accent we have, or the places we encounter. Although very diverse, we have one thing that unifies us in a very strong way: Islam.

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