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Rutgers-Newark Presents Marriage in Islam by Sister Yasmin Essa

Duaa from Beginning of Lecture

May Allah SWT make this a gathering of action.
May He SWT help us remember that marriage is not an ends, but only a means.
At the same time, may He SWT also remind us that marriage is a very special means that has a huge benefit in allowing us to reach our True End.
May He grant us rahma (mercy), mawada (love), and sakina (tranquility) in our current and future marriages, inshaAllah.
May He help increase us in gratitude as women.
May He allow our marriages, current & future, to be a bridge to Him, not a self-destructive ship traveling against Him.
May He open our eyes to see that the biggest impact we can make is in our homes.
May He open our hearts to the true, unconditional love that accepts, admires, forgives, appreciates, and loves openly.
May He open our eyes to the lies of the unrealistic love that has no depth or truth, as it lacks definition in The Most Deep, The Most True.
May He heal our hearts from the wrongs it has been exposed to via fantasy love stories, unrealistic tales, and inappropriate things.
May He give us the gift of action and rememberance when we face the situations we speak of today.
May He repel us from seeking perfection in ourselves, our current or future spouses, and our current or future children.
May He remind us that “Then indeed, after that you are to die.” (Quran 23:15)

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