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She will spend…

This is an ode to boycott the sexualization of women in the media.
This is a plea to overly critical mothers who are harsh with their daughters.
This is an eyeopener to blind fathers who don’t know how much impact they have.
This is a reminder that it’s an utter waste of time to dedicate your life pleasing other than God.

Ya Allah, please accept this and help guide our young girls into empowered women who strive to earn your pleasure.

She will spend hours of her life aimlessly targeted at the unachievable
instead of acknowledging the unique God-given potential within her

She will spend hours perfecting her eyes with eyeliner and mascara
but not enough time perfecting her prayer

She will spend hours shaping her body
*but not enough time shaping her community*

She will spend hours brushing her hair
instead of hours brushing up on her Arabic to learn the word of God

She will spend hours trying to impress the wrong men
instead of hours spent enjoying a real man

She will spend hours cleaning and cleaning and cleaning what is already clean
instead of cleaning her heart and soul of the cobwebs and hurt that lie deep within

She will spend years looking for her self-worth
when the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth already gave that to her

She will do these things for the unique reasons that apply to her personal life
Perhaps the target she was given to achieve is photoshopped and isn’t even real
Perhaps she was told ‘this is what boys like’
Perhaps some idiot convinced her that she needed to brush her hair 100 strokes a day
Perhaps her relationship with her father left her believing she doesn’t deserve better
Perhaps she saw a mother who treated the house like a museum and used cleaning to write off her anxiety

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  1. this is wonderful and timeless! especially the part regarding searching for self-worth when Allah has already given it to her :o)

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