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The Word That Women Need To Stop Saying

Do any of the following phrases sound familiar to you?

“I’m just wondering…”

“I just wanted to tell you…”

“It’s just that…”

“I just think…”

“I am just…”

Over a year ago,  I stumbled upon a Jillian Michaels interview with Women’s Leadership Expert, Sophia Tara Mohr. Sophia gave some great insights to how women shrink themselves through their words.  My largest take away from watching that interview? The need to evict the word “just” from my verbal dictionary. Over the last year, I did just that. No pun intended. 😉

This small, seemingly harmless four letter word packs a lot of impact. It shrinks everything that comes after it and adds a whole lot of hesitation to our speech when we use it.

As strong, brilliant, empowered Muslim women, this word does not belong in our dictionary.

Do you think Khadijah (RA) used such ambiguous speech?

Considering she led a life full of being a successful business woman and a top supporter of her beloved husband, the Prophet ﷺ, I highly doubt she did.

How often do you justify your speech with the word “just”?

I was personally surprised to find out that I used it all the time! To this day, I still catch myself sometimes slipping, but I am getting better and better at redirecting my speech.

Leave a comment and share your thoughts. The world is in dire need of empowered, humble, faith-driven, brilliant women like yourself.

Lots of love and duaa from New Jersey,


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